When in-person events come back we need to be prepared. This means safety measures.

One of the first experiences your attendees have once they arrive at the conference venue is onsite registration or check-in.  

Though there are sure to be more ideas and suggestions that will surface as time goes on, we have summarized here the most top of mind actions for you to consider based on The ReOpening Guide and the MeetSafe Playbook.


Extensive Safety Measures Will Become the Norm for Onsite Registration & Check-in


Temperature Checks Upon Arrival

For events of all sizes, temperature checks or thermal scans will be a required first step when attendees arrive to the conference venue.

This may be implemented by the venue or the event host, but will be required for all attendees to get cleared for the event and proceed to check-in.  Something you will also need to consider and plan for is if an attendee does not ‘pass’ the temperature check and is not allowed to enter the venue or event, where will you put them?  


Check-In Time Slots / Locations

We have all seen that check-in rush before where it seems like all the attendees decide to come check-in at the exact same time.

This will now need to be more regulated for everyone’s safety. If you have space at your venue you can set up different registration desks that are far enough away from each other and assign by the last name where people should check-in, or maybe separate floors if your venue can accommodate that.

Another way would be to limit the time during the day that attendees can come to register/check-in by assigning various time slots by the last name to limit the number of attendees checking in at once.


Touchless Check-In

We now need to minimize touching of objects, so we need to reimagine the touchscreen check-in kiosks. 

Provide all your attendees with a unique QR code during registration which they will then be required to show and have scanned at check-in.  Or solely have the onsite registration staff, no attendees, touching the devices to check attendees in.

Both processes will eliminate multiple people having to touch the same screen if your staff are each assigned a designated device to use for the duration of check-in.


Plexi Screens

Add in extra protection with clear Plexi screens at the registration desk to separate the attendees and the onsite registration staff.  Consider these Plexi screens as areas for extra event branding as well! 


Instructional Signage

Add an extra touch with branded markings on the floor to keep people the appropriate distance apart while standing in line to check-in at the registration desk.

Signage will also be in all common areas, hand washing signage, and hand sanitizing signage.


Sanitizing Stations

Sanitizing stations will need to be displayed everywhere and easily accessible to everyone. The venue you are holding the event at should have these, but as a planner make sure they are willing to work with you if you require more.

While we don’t want attendees congregating around these areas either, more signage will most likely need to be in place here as well.


Branded Giveaways

Custom branded masks, face shields, gloves, and hand sanitizer as giveaways for pick-up during check-in will be fitting and highly appreciated by your attendees.


Velvet Rope Stanchions

Help to ensure that attendees do not overcrowd areas like the onsite registration desk and could also be used to form lines where needed and create your preferred walkways. 

This is also another branding opportunity you could consider.


More Staff

Expect to have more staff onsite than you ever have before. Organizing a way for attendees to get around from point A to point B while keeping the safe distance measures will take more staff to regulate.


Sanitize Lanyards & Swag Bags

If your event requires lanyards and swag bags you will want to make sure they get sanitized before they are picked up by your attendees.

As the event planner, do some research before ordering items to make sure the company you choose is taking proper precautions.


Digital Program/Agenda

Now is the time to ditch the paper printouts, booklets and folders of agendas, maps, welcome letters, etc. and move to digital. 

Everyone has a personal phone that they can easily pull up digital formats of any information that they should need for your conference. 

Whether that digital information is delivered via email, conference website, or conference app, these will all be preferred over picking up print outs and not knowing how many people had previously touched it.


The Wrap

Events bring people and communities together. The new normal after the coronavirus will no doubt be a challenging one to work through and have a different look, but we will see live events again and get back that togetherness we are all missing.  We as event organizers always need to remember that our number one priority though is keeping our attendees’ safe.

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