We Build and Manage Your Event Software

Want to Focus on the Strategic Aspects of Your Job?

1-Week Event Websites, Registration Builds & Management, Mobile, & more. 

As Cvent Partners, we know there is often a gap between great event management software, and actually being able to leverage it. As software evolves and interfaces change, building and managing websites and apps is the last thing you want to worry about when planning your next event.

Let us worry about the software management so you can focus on the strategic side of your business.

Event Mobile Apps

Event Mobile Apps are now more common than ever. Make your event information MOBILE so your attendees always have access. 

Event Registration

Beautifully branded websites that we can full turnkey-build for you FAST, and manage end-to-end!

OnSite Check-in & Badging

Easy to use Cvent Check-in and Badging systems for your next event make managing attendees a BREEZE.

Make your next event your best event.

We Take the Stress Out of Event Software

Let J.Shay Events Manage Your Event Website, Registration, & Virtual Event Platform


  • Never worry about software changes, reading knowledge-bases or contacting Support teams
  • Beautiful and reliable websites and registration forms built and managed for you leading up to your event
  • Registration data reported and presented to your team in regularly scheduled calls with your team
  • Post-event debrief calls to identify successes and areas of improvement
  • Comprehensive services provided for both Live or Virtual events

Ready to Relieve the Burden of Event Technology?