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Impress your stakeholders while increasing your ROI. 

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Put your next Corporate Event in the best hands possible.

Your next event is important – It tells your employees, partners and customers how attentive, modern, and effective your Business is.
It directly impacts Company Revenue, and the ROI should be evaluated to predict and even improve future events. Also, it can be the determining factor in not only your Business’ success, but yours as well!
Having the best Event Managers in your corner is more important to your Business than ever.

All of the Event Management and Software Services you Need!

 Your Brand will never have a larger 3D representation than through your Events. Make them count through effective Event Management and Event Software.


  • A Full Scope of Event Services for any Corporate Event you have.
  • A Full Suite of Event Management Software with the services to build and manage it all for you.
  • Influential Creativity leaves an impact on your audience.

  • Understanding the Strategy allows for purpose-driven execution.

  • Our Flexibility means we can turn-key an entire event, or handle the aspects you only want to farm out.

Event Management experience to boost your capabilities.

Countries we've planned and executed client events in.

Attendees, down to smaller intimate VIP events. We do events of all sizes.


Faster lead times with your Reg Site build.

Our Team

Justine Sweat

Justine Sweat

Event Manager and Founder

Kaila Shoquist

Kaila Shoquist

Program Coordinator

Jeremy Sweat

Jeremy Sweat

Director, Business Development

Rami Coppock

Rami Coppock

Event Manager

Ecstatic References

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Justine and her team for just over three years now. I’ve used J.Shay Events for my annual sales kickoff meetings; bi-annual International award trips and other large industry events. This team of professionals have surely taken all of our events to the next level. It brings me great calm to know that Justine and her team have my back given all of the moving parts of an event.. not that I have to even think about the moving parts!

Steve I.

VP of Sales

I have worked with J.Shay Events Management for the last 3 years,  since the company was started.  The support, detail and care I as a client receive is truly impeccable.  We would not go into any event or conference without J.Shay Events’ partnership.  Truly an A+ organization!!

Ravel T.

Director of Digital Marketing and Events

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Cvent Software Overview

Cvent Software Overview

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