Trade Show Management

We Maximize ROI for Exhibitors and Trade Show Hosts

Trade Shows provide a platform for businesses and individuals to connect, learn, and generate sales pipeline. A perfect event is when sponsors, attendees, and exhibitors all have the exposure they need to promote their image and achieve positive ROI.

This means creating a natural environment that promotes introductions, lead generation, and networking.

Whether you need help with hosting or exhibiting a Trade Show, J.Shay Event Solutions has years of experience and a team of event professionals who have worked with organizations to achieve outstanding success. Contact us to learn more.

Make your next event your best event.

Budget Formulation & Analysis

Businesses always achieve better results with detailed budget planning and visibility into the on-going costs.

We formulate a highly transparent budget based on your requirements and control costs to exceed your financial expectations. Our budget projection strategy and final analysis produce your dream event under-budget.

Registration Technology

Registration technology is a big element of Trade Shows and gives confidence to your sponsors and exhibitors that your website, form, and check-in systems will be able as user-friendly as they are attractive.

You deserve a team that removes the stress of website, registration form, communications, and onsite check-in while managing the entire process end-to-end.


Lead Generation

This is the ‘money maker’ when it comes to Trade Shows. Leads are the backbone of your future ROI analysis. Without the tools and processes in place to easily capture attendee information, your biggest potential pipeline developer is wasted.

Lead generation happens on 2 fronts: check-in, and exhibitor booths. We maximize your number of SQLs and MQLs through both avenues.



Whether you are hosting or exhibiting at a Trade Show, you may have several suppliers to depend on from pre-show set up, during show hours, after-hours events, through booth breakdown, and lead collection.

Your sales and technical staff may be there to meet prospects during show hours, but outside of that time frame, we are the event managers in your corner to coordinate and manage the various moving pieces involved with a Trade Show.



Onsite Management

If you are hosting a Trade Show, professional onsite presence is a proactive approach to avoiding downfalls with speaker & content management, technology issues, sponsor & exhibitor items, attendee questions, and much more.

J.Shay Event Solutions are experts at providing comprehensive onsite management services for your next conference or meeting.

Full List of Trade Show Services

  • Pre-show strategic planning: goals, objectives, and tasks
  • RFP process: Exhibit houses and booth structure
  • Supporting creative design ideas and booth recommendations
  • Contract and manage Exhibit house/booth build
  • Manage/Order all show services
  • Prepare and manage project timeline
  • Prepare and manage overall event budget
  • Ensure Company information via Show website
  • Booth giveaway items and staff attire
  • Manage registration for booth staff
  • Manage group sleeping room block
  • Prepare show “Event Guide” for all booth staff
  • On-site management and supervision of booth

Numbers Your Business Can Rely On

Events Planned and Managed.


Of all Hotel commissions given back to our clients.

Faster lead times with your Registration Site builds.

Attendees, down to smaller intimate VIP events. We do events of all sizes.

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