Planning your next conference, SKO or President’s Club? Be sure to leave plenty of time in your agenda for team building activities. Remember, your corporate events are as much about building relationships, fostering employee engagement and strengthening company values as they are about increasing sales and your bottom line. Keep reading to learn why and how to incorporate team building into your next corporate event.


Why Include Team Building Into Your Corporate Events?

If we’re honest, corporate events are usually about helping employees get and stay on track. These events are typically beneficial for the organization. But what about the employees? Is there a way to plan these events so they benefit everyone?

Team building activities offer numerous benefits to your events. Here’s why you should consider adding some to your next agenda:

Developing Skills

Team building activities help to develop both individual and team skills such as communication and collaboration. And not just for employees and the various departments, but also for leadership, HR professionals and business owners.

Activities are Flexible

Every event has its unique agenda, so you may be thinking it will be hard to weave team building throughout yours. But that’s not the case. These activities are incredibly flexible. You can dedicate a whole session or a half session, use them as ice breakers and more. No matter how you choose to incorporate team building, your team members will appreciate a fun break from all of the “business at hand.”

Boosts Morale + Productivity

Human beings require time to just have some fun. When you provide them with this space, it tends to boost employee morale. And that can have a positive effect on your employees’ overall wellbeing. And if your employees feel cared for, they recognize they are with a company who they want to work hard for. The moral of the story is, increased morale = increased productivity.

Talent Retention

Companies that consistently invest in team building also tend to see better retention of their staff. This leads to better synergy, which is necessary for any company to reach its goals.

These are just some of the benefits team building offers companies who include it in their corporate events. As you begin to develop your event’s agenda, be sure to leave space for team building. These activities can be included in events of any size, from big conferences to incentive trips and SKOs.


Consider These Team Building Activities for Your Next Corporate Event

We’ve planned enough events to know there are some team members who instantly go “all in” on a team building activity. And then there are those team members who roll their eyes a bit, hardly enthused. That’s why we are about to list those team building activities that pretty much everyone can get excited about.

The following activities are diverse. Some are light and easy and will help your team have fun. Some will get them thinking or moving. And some will kick them into their competitive side. 

Happy Hour

I don’t think we’ve ever met someone who didn’t enjoy a Happy Hour. This activity is great as a last session in your event. Your Happy Hour can be held at the same location as your event or a nearby venue. Happy Hours give your team the chance to relax and talk about what everyone has been learning.

Art Class

This is another activity that has always been a big hit with all types of employees. There’s something about an art class that makes all of us become enthusiastic 8-years-olds again. No matter how old we get, we can’t resist painting or coloring or creating something cool!

We recommend hiring an instructor. Be sure to check with them whether they will bring the supplies (canvases, paint, brushes, etc.) or whether you’ll need to supply them. Art classes give people the chance to think from their right brain and use their imagination. 

Mindful Meditation

The latest trend in corporate events is to offer team members wellness opportunities. It’s becoming more and more important for employees to feel they are valued and cared for. What better way to show your team you care about their mental health than by offering a relaxing mindfulness meditation session? We have found these sessions work well when offered at the very beginning of the day. It helps put everyone in a calm state, ready to absorb information.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are also always a hit. These immersive experiences get your team thinking and working together on a common goal. And there are plenty of laughs and memories made along the way!

Sales Pitch

This is a great team building activity for your next SKO. Fill a box with random items like a highlighter, golf ball, sock, and butter knife, then allow each team member to choose an item. Once everyone has their item, let them know they have 30 seconds to come up with a sales pitch for that item, then 1 minute to pitch it to the rest of the group. At the end, the entire team will decide who had the most effective pitch.

City Field Trip

If your event will be held out of town, give your team time to go off and explore the city together. Field trips let your team get out of the hotel, move their bodies, and connect with one another. You can book a tour with a local company or take your group out yourself. Food tours are always a great option. 

The Wrap

Attending corporate events can be a bit dull and exhausting for your team members. By including team building activities throughout your event, you break up the monotony and give your employees fun and challenging ways to develop their skills. This will ultimately bring a positive culture to your work environment. 

Want even more team building ideas? We have plenty. Just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you plan your next corporate event!


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