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We all have that one event that sticks out in our mind as the one that set the bar. Chances are it was the entertainment group that had a large role in making the night memorable.

Creative entertainment ideas are key to planning your most memorable event yet!


The Importance of Event Entertainment

You need an entertainment idea that stands out but isn’t too risque or over-the-top, or you might lose mainstream appeal.

To identify your next awesome entertainment ideas, there are 3 main considerations: the destination, event theme, and venue type. And you should absolutely begin with the destination to build out your list and then further refine based on the theme, and finally what the venue will accommodate.



Your destination will not only offer unique entertainment ideas but help your entire event have a central feel.

Search your destination to see what unique entertainment they have to offer.

At J.Shay Event Solutions, we always leverage our local CVB, Hotel, and/or DMC for ideas that can help create a natural and local flow to your event.

Check out these destination-based examples we’ve recently retained for our clients:



A mariachi band or junkanoo




Search local for Live music and a Graffiti artist

live musicgraffiti artist



Smores around the fire, yard games, and a local solo guitar artist

rural destination


Event Theme

If your event has a theme, you’ll want to align your entertainment so there’s a logical fit.

You wouldn’t choose a jazz band if your Sales Kickoff had a motivational event theme like “GET FIRED UP!” Instead, you would be thinking about high energy entertainment to complement your theme, such as an upbeat DJ and a Fire show.

Apply the same complementary mindset to your theme.


Upbeat DJ and Fire show

djfire show


Congratulatory/ Recognition

Red carpet theme and fireworks

red carpet eventfireworks event entertainment


Collaboration theme (Team building)

Team ziplining and scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt team buildziplining


Event Venue

Consider your type of event venue.

While there may be a plethora of entertainment options to choose from in your destination, you can further qualify your list based on the theme of the event, and now finally based on what your event venue can accommodate.

The size of space and venue restrictions will are the biggest factors here. It is best to run your final list by the venue to see which ones are acceptable.


Dining Venue

Ideas for a dining venue are generally going to be smaller, and less noisy. Check out these ideas for an Asian themed restaurant.

Wanugee fortune tea leaf reader, Contortionist and Asian themed costumes for greeters.

contortionisttea leaf reader


Art Gallery

For a smaller, classier type of event venue such as an Art gallery, consider a quieter entertainment group. Look at complementing it with a 2nd entertainment option that complements the venue’s purpose.

art gallery artistpianist


Stadium Event

A larger event venue type encourages a large entertainment group and room for activities!

stadium bandfootball


The Wrap

Event entertainment can turn a mundane event into one your attendees will never forget.

The key to finding the right entertainment is to consider the destination, event theme, and the venue type.

Because these 3 considerations might offer conflicting entertainment options: destination, theme, or venue type; you can either start with the event entertainment options by destination and then pare down by theme. And then again by what your venue type can accommodate, OR you can go directly to the venue and ask for local entertainment options.

With the 2nd scenario, you may be limited on the number of available entertainment options to choose from simply because the hotel will have their preferred providers.

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