According to the Sales Executive Council, sales reps forget up to 87% of the training content they receive just one month after their Sales Kick off.

Wow. That’s not a statistic you want your Executives or Product Managers to see!

This doesn’t mean a Sales Kickoff has to be ineffective. It just means it has to have the right amount of mojo.

So how are you going to ensure that an SKO isn’t a complete waste of time and money for your Business?

The answer is surprisingly simple: Keep it focused.

Keep your Sales Kickoff Theme focused

The reason a Sales Kickoff can have a lack-luster effect on your Sales Staff is that your Executives want to accomplish too much with too little.

We get it, it might be the only time of the year to bring together your entire sales staff under one roof. Motivation, Collaboration, Information, Celebration…You want it ALL.

And you’ve read our article on the Sales Conference Must-Haves, then you know there are several things you must incorporate for an effective Sales Conference.

But there is an important requirement for your Sales Kickoff to have a central theme while using the other big aspects as ancillary to the central theme.

To keep it simple, have everyone from the top-down buy-in on a Theme and stick to it.

Which Theme-style do we prefer? As a former field sales rep, I am strongly opinionated on this.

It’s not just my opinion, but the opinion of just about every other rep you collaborate with while at the Sales Kick Off and throughout the year.

 Just ask them.

It is a MOTIVATION based theme.

Motivational Themes Win

While Collaboration, Information, Celebration, and others will be apart of your Sales Kickoff, they are secondary to the overall Theme of getting your Sales Staff excited for 2020.

After all, with a properly executed Motivational Theme, the collaboration, product/service break-out sessions (informational), and the awards dinners will be exponentially more effective.

You are amplifying the other aspects you want to accomplish by having a grander central theme: Motivation.

Informational, Collaboration, and others can be more easily accomplished throughout the year, even via webinars, team calls, or on-site QBRs.

But Motivation is what drives reps to bring in more revenue and is very challenging to accomplish unless you have absolute control of the surroundings for an extended period of time.


So what are the Best Sales Kickoff Themes for 2020?


You are raising the bar this upcoming year. Either your product, comp plan, or lead strategy is bolder than last year’s.


Elevate is always a fun sales kickoff theme because it’s versatile in how it can be used.

Better. Stronger. Faster.

A theme best used for companies beyond the growth phase and looking to bring attention to their solid product/service/support lines that Sales can be confident in.


This theme is best used for a new tool that Sales can leverage. Whether that’s a product/service, comp plan, or investments elsewhere, this theme tells your staff to GO.


Great to use for a new product/service launch in the upcoming year.

No Limits

Had a break-out year with 1 or 2 reps blowing their number out of the park? Capitalize on that by sharing tips from those winning reps to the rest of the staff.


Ideal theme if your company had significant growth over the last year and you are re-bolstering your Sales Team for another record-breaking year.


The Wrap

Motivational themes are short, yet powerful. They send a message to your employees about what to expect for the upcoming year, and it builds anticipation for how your Company will help them succeed.

In our opinion, motivational themes are the best theme-style for Sales staff. Salespeople do not get motivated to sell more because you will host an “informational” annual event.

However, if you do find yourself looking for other Theme ideas, we recommend this article from Prezi Blog.

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