Every company can benefit from including a sales kit in your sales kickoff, trade shows, virtual events, and others! They help to reinforce your message in a physical form factor – Something people tend to hold on to at large events.

Sales kits offer important product and company information, as well as other hand-held items that influence your attendee one way or another. Depending on who your audience determines what the kit will include, and the cost associated with it.


What is a Sales Kit?

A sales kit is a packet of consolidated marketing collateral that is meant for a specific product or service your business is selling. They are usually well thought out and nicely branded; including literature and other goodies that are meant to have a positive influence on your audience.

Imagine a nicely put together box or package that’s covered with your branding – Inside will usually be several items which we’ll discuss below.

This means a sales kit will look different depending on your audience (internal or external). The idea is the physical form will help reinforce the digital content the business has shown or will show you coming up. The information provided can be supplemental, or just a general overview.

Regardless, sales kits help you find the value in a particular company, product, or service.


Sales Kit Use Cases

As you can imagine, you can use a sales kit in a number of different scenarios but we’ll focus on 3 primary examples: an internal event and an external event.


Arming Your Sales Staff

Every sales conference (sales kickoff) you host is intended to accomplish a few things:

  • Increase collaboration amongst teams
  • Provide product updates and education
  • Recognize top performers
  • Drive motivation/energy
  • and more…

As great as your sales conference may be at accomplishing these goals, the fact still remains that over 80% of sales reps forget most of what they learn within 30 days of your sales conference.

Now combine that with the Rule of 7, which says we need to be exposed to something about 7 times before we truly absorb and retain information.

The answer to having your sales staff knowledgable and ready to sell your product is an effective sales kit!

Have it ready for every one of your attendees at check-in and include worksheets that they can use during your break-out sessions to help reinforce product information, sales training, and more!


Selling Your Customers

The Rule of 7 applies here too. Your reps should find ways to leave prospects and customers with important information after a trade show or external conference that helps to reinforce your company’s message.

The benefit to a sales kit is that while there is a cost associated with it, you’ll stand out among the competitors who send follow up information via email where it is likely lost or not fully read.

For your next trade show or customer-facing conference, consider having nice packets available that provide company information and include giveaways that will keep your brand in front of your audience.


Virtual Event

Lastly, as great as virtual events can be, one of the (obvious) limiting elements is that everything is digital, go figure! Keeping in mind what we used in our last 2 examples, a sales kit can have an even greater impact in a virtual setting versus in-person – Simply because you will have the only physical item to look at, other than their monitor!


What’s included?

Based on the examples we used, a sales kit for your employees might look different than a kit designed for customers and prospects. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Sales Letters– An overview of your company and the special event or occasion
  • Product data sheet– A high-level product/service sheet that is aimed at providing an overview, benefits, and use-cases
  • Product white paper– A technical document that explains how your product or service actually works, going into greater detail of the benefits
  • Product samples– Depending on your product you include a sample in the sales kit
  • Giveaways– Like a trade show giveaway, these will be branded items that are probably unrelated to your actual product but have some everyday use to them (eg. keychain, bouncy ball, pens, etc.)
  • References– (external only) At the end of your sales kit, it’s always a good idea to include references to solidify how valuable your product or service is
  • Battle card– (internal only) Information designed to arm your sales rep on the quick pros and cons of your competitors’ product, versus your benefits to the customer
  • QR codes– A card with a QR code will enable your attendees to scan it at the event to watch demo videos, recorded customer testimonials, and more


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