As Event Managers, event registration software is no longer an optional tool for many events.

We rely upon a tool’s automation, self-service, and ease of use to make event registration manageable.

And with the rise of the need comes the rise of the Software vendors. All of whom are frothing with the latest marketing buzz words which are sure to confuse the bejeebus out of you when trying to decide what you actually need.

If you have seen Capterra’s rating system of Event Registration applications, then you likely left more overwhelmed than when you started.

Over 230 options for Event Registration? Oh boy…

Let’s talk about the most important things to consider when shopping around for Event Registration Software.


Why do you need Event Registration Software?

Registration software gives you the ability to collect registration details 24×7, aggregated into a nice Excel spreadsheet schema (and an online database), while also provided all of the event details you could ever want.

Even if you only have a small number of attendees, but you need to capture more than just name and email, the right software can make your life exponentially easier.

Plus, it just gives a better feel to your event.

Again, as of 2020, it’s hard to imagine having an event, even a small one, without event registration software.

We won’t play out 1 million scenarios, if you are reading this you probably realize the value of an event registration site.

(For tips on what to include on your Registration Site, see our Article: Registration Site Must-Haves)


1. Frees Up Your Time Via Automation

By far the biggest appeal of leveraging Event Registration software is it allows you to do what you do best, and that is probably not capturing 5,000 pieces of information and hoping you made no mistakes.

Truly, as an Event Manager, you have 1 title but wear a seemingly infinite number of hats.

The best Event Managers automate or delegate what they can to the Pros, and focus more time on the Strategy.


2. Capture and Categorize as Much Attendee Information as Possible

Scalable: This word is extremely important for your large, or multi-day events.

Airfare, activities, break-out sessions, hotel information, oh yea…And they are bringing guests?

This would easily be a full-time job for 1 or 2 people just to capture all of this information if you are planning an event for a large crowd.

…And then hope they were perfect in capturing it!

3. Single Source of Truth

Most event registration software now allows you to combine all of your event information, such as speakers, dates, venue & map, sessions, partners and more, all in a single location.

It is more than a form, it is a website.

No need to send out individual emails filled with a ridiculous amount of information to inform your attendees.

And, can you imagine having changes to any of the aforementioned things?

Do you send out another mass email, or…?

Put it on the site, and guide people to your site.

It’s that easy.


4. Self-Service

One of the greatest aspects of event registration software is having your guests edit any of their own registration information.

For some events, you may not want to allow it.

But we’re in a time now where people would rather click on a link in their confirmation email to update their information, versus calling or emailing someone.

The benefit to you is time saved, obviously!


5. Real-time Reporting

Ah, yes, reporting.

The ability to get a birds-eye view of total Registrations, any money collected, details categorized and manipulable within seconds, and more.

Preset, but customizable reporting is just an amazing feature set that can make you look like an Event badass!


    6. Look Professional

    This is mainly for the paid versions of event registration software.

    Forms and sites now are so customizable now that you can truly give your event/experience a unique and polished look but adding logos, pictures, and themes to web pages, posts and all email communication that goes out.

    This helps keep your messaging from your main website to your event site uniform and trustworthy.

    The Wrap

    Event registration software will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also save you money.

    If you aren’t already using registration software for all of your events, you should make that a heavy consideration beginning now.

    When deciding whether free or paid, decide how important your event is?

    • Do you care about the software vendor’s branding being pasted on emails and web pages?
    • What is your appetite for learning a new software tool?
    • Do you need robust features?


    For information on how we can help build and/or manage your registration software and other software tools, be sure to check out our capabilities here!

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