Reap Huge Benefits for a Well-Planned Golf Event

Golf is the language of many business professionals. It’s a relaxed sport that builds relationships within small and large groups outside of the office, which as we all know, is when our walls are down.

Not only do they present an excellent networking opportunity, but they are fun! And your audience attributes your company with that good time.

There are usually sponsorship opportunities if your organization isn’t directly hosting the event, that’ll enable you to get visibility while keeping costs down. We typically see sponsorship in the form of giveaways or sponsoring holes.

If you are the host of the event, sponsorships are a fantastic way to recoup many of the costs sunk into the event, while also networking with your partners that are sponsoring!

Think about creating your golf event as an annual affair that people can look forward to year-round, and watch it grow year over year!


Corporate Golf Events Can Increase Sales

Planning a corporate golf event for your company is a great way to show the appreciation you have for your existing clients while also building new relationships with potential clients.

The fun, competitive team building setting of a golf tournament event is a great environment for entertaining existing clients and potential clients. This setting gives you the time and opportunity to talk to existing clients on a more personal level and express your appreciation, and also the time to talk to potential clients about more serious business matters but in a calm, relaxing setting.

Having existing clients and potential clients together will allow them to be in a relaxed setting to converse about the relationship and great service you provide.


Increase Brand Awareness

A corporate golf event is a fantastic way to build your company’s brand awareness. It allows you to put your company name out there on multiple platforms while marketing the event prior to (if open to external audiences) and allows great branding opportunities at the event as well.

Consider hiring a photographer for the day to document the event and get shots of your sales team, existing and potential clients. Have your own brand exposure throughout the golf course, promotional branded merchandise, and giveaways to spread your brand even more.


Promote Team building

Maybe you are looking for a fun new idea for your sales team to have some quality team-building time. What better way than the golf course. No matter what your golf skill level is everyone can have a great stress-free time while playing a round of “best ball” and getting to know your team on a more personal level.

A day on the golf course is also a great way to get your sales team and high-level executives together on the same playing field to boost morale.


Benefit a Charity / Fundraiser

A golf tournament is a great way to raise money for any type of charity or fundraiser. Whether you have golf pros or people who have never golfed before this is a great relaxing, easy-going way to bring everyone together to raise money for any cause whether that be to support your business directly or give back to your local community.

Most of the time fundraisers or charity events can utilize some volunteers so you aren’t going to break the bank putting on this event. It could also give you the opportunity to sell sponsorships or maybe add in a silent auction to raise additional funds.

You can’t go wrong with a golf tournament as a non-profit organization either because it will be a real money maker with minimal costs to host.


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