What better time to get Cvent certified than now!

If you’re familiar with Cvent’s product suite, you might know that there are certifications available for the Event Management and Crowd Compass solutions.

What you may not have known is that while a certification usually costs somewhere around $300, Cvent is offering free certifications right now through May 31st for Cvent customers with access to an active Cvent Event Management account.


Types of Certifications

There are 3 available certifications, all free, for event management professionals:

  • Event Management– This certification shows proficiency in Cvent’s main product offering and the ability to build and manage Cvent registration sites.
  • Event Management Advanced– A step up from the standard option, this certification tells people that you can build any event registration site within Cvent’s platform!
  • Mobile Event App– A certification specific to Cvent’s mobile app, Crowd Compass. A nice complement to the other event professional certifications.

 Cvent certification options


Should I Get Cvent Certified?

If you are already a proficient Cvent customer with access to the platform and have the time to study  – Absolutely.

This certification will only help you expand your knowledge, and make you more valuable to your existing (and future) organizations.

If you are not proficient at building Cvent sites or don’t have access to the platform currently, it may not be in your best interest to pursue the certification as the software can be complex with those unfamiliar.

Where to Register

Click here and use code LEVELUP2020 to sign up for any of the certifications.

Keep in mind you have 90 days after you register to take the exam.

So, if you are thinking about registering for an exam but not be available to study until after May 31st, set reminders to register before the offer expires!

How to Prepare for the Exam

The Event Management Certification exam, which can be taken in the comfort of your own home, consists of 60 multiple choice questions and 90 minutes to take it.

Fortunately, your results will be emailed to you shortly after you finish. A passing score is 75% or greater and then, CONGRATS!, you are Cvent certified for two years!

For preparation it is recommend that you have some experience with using Cvent Event Management software and to study the extensive prep guide that is provided for you.

I recommend getting into your account and creating a test event to go through all the content/objectives in the prep guide.

Once you are comfortable answering the objectives in the guide move to the practice questions that are provided to see if you are ready for the exam.

Download your Cvent Event Management prep guide here.

The Wrap

If you are an existing Cvent customer with experience working with the Event Management solution, you should definitely consider the certifications available.

Hurry now before the offer expires on May 31st!

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