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Organizing the ‘perfect’ event is not as simple as it was anymore. There is a growing demand for events that are not only functional and effective but also creative and unique. A call for a newer and almost eccentric method of operating is at an all-time high. Clients want to imprint their aesthetics and signature onto the event, and it falls onto the organizers to create a compelling and influential experience.

Event Production vs Event Planning vs Event Management

Event Planning is about managing every activity and duty leading up to the event. It includes everything, starting from selecting and finalizing the venue to ensuring the required types of equipment reach the venue on time.

Event Management consists of the tasks that have to be completed by the organizers on the day of the event. Ushering the guests in an orderly fashion and on time, managing all the crew and staff for the show to run smoothly, tackling issues in real-time are some of the tasks performed by the event managers.

Event Production is the stepping stone that elevates a show into an experience. It deals with the live, stage presence of an event to deliver a lasting experience. It attempts to stimulate the mind of an audience through AV techniques (audiovisual), newer light technologies, and unique presenters.

It essentially encompasses all kinds of tasks, no matter how big or small, to be performed in order to deliver a unique and unforgettable experience. 

List of Essentials for Event Production 


This includes all the types of equipment that are needed to conduct the event smoothly. The cameras, lights, speakers, etc., are all essential and almost irreplaceable.

A slight slag in the equipment or a minor equipment failure can be disastrous for the whole event. An effective event production group should always have a team dedicated solely to loading and unloading of all kinds of equipment at the venue.


This is probably the most essential part of any successful event production team. Without a dedicated and motivated crew working tirelessly behind the scenes, no event can be made memorable.

An effective crew is absolutely necessary to elevate the whole event. Decisive managers and people running the show are also crucial to tying every department with one another.


Identifying and recognizing the aural needs of any event is extremely important. Installing the right microphones and speakers based on the venue only elevates the experience for the viewer.

The installed equipment should also be in pristine running conditions and should not be compromised during the day of the event.

Visual Production

This is a department that has really gathered steam in recent years. Newer technological advancements in the lighting department have only provided artists and organizers with new ammunition to enthrall the audience.

These days, everything is recorded. Therefore, keeping the stage lights camera-friendly is also crucial.


Tackling issues that arise in real-time during ongoing events is a huge part of event production. Electrical failures should always be considered while production. Having power backups is crucial to any event.

Now, there are many other departments when it comes to event production. An event becomes successful when all of these departments come together and work towards providing an unforgettable experience to the viewer singularly. 

What Type of Events Need Production?

Corporate Events

These kinds of events are tricky as they have a certain goal to achieve. An event production team has to extensively work with the corporate to identify the corporate’s goal. The corporates come with their own boundaries and rules which are specific to their own company.

The production has to function between those set boundaries. A lot of production companies fail to produce good corporate events as they fail to adapt to the corporate’s specific needs.

Experiential Events

These events include sporting events, live concerts, etc. These types of events allow leeway to the event production team to be a bit more creative and come up with their own ideas to make the event a resounding success. In live sporting events or concerts, the audience experience is key.

Elevating the audience experience to the highest level is the most important aspect of any live event. Spontaneity is crucial during these events as setting up these events is easier than managing the fans and the ambiance on the day of the event.

Broadcasting Events

Similar to live events, broadcasting events also require the event production team to provide the best experience to the viewer. These events have the most room for audiovisual techniques to come into play as the show has to hook the viewer.

The most crucial aspect of broadcasting events is timing. Everything has to be spot-on and delivered on time. Any misstep can be catastrophic to the broadcast. Therefore, rehearsing to the tee and taking the right precautions is extremely important.

The Wrap

The success of any event production team can be measured in terms of invisibility. An effective event production team never shows itself to the viewer. A viewer’s sole focus should always be on the show and never what surrounds the show.

Event Production is no doubt a stressful profession and sometimes it does not get the recognition it deserves but pulling off a show successfully and seeing the audience leave with a smile on their faces is definitely worth the stress and labor.

If you need help with any event production aspects for your virtual or in-person events, click here to contact us!

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