Event Managers were already ranked as having the 5th most stressful job in the World before the Coronavirus


It’s not hard to imagine our ranking rising even higher after 40 million people have been affected by event cancellations and postponements within the last 2 months.


What can we do to reduce our anxiety during one of the most turbulent times we might see in our professional lifetimes?




List of Anxiety-Reducing Activities You Need in 2020



1) Realize this will end


This isn’t a “gotcha” and is probably the most important item on the list. The most stressful thing any event manager can do right now (and probably what most event managers ARE doing), is reading headlines.


I logged into 2 event news sites before I sat down to write this and was hit with Marriott and other big chains laying workers off, and total expected job losses this year.


You will pull your hair out if you keep reading headlines.


Here’s what you should realize: Events will come back, and probably sooner than you think.


If your job is currently at risk, it is always wise to develop a back-up plan for the short-term until Companies and Countries open up travel again. However, do not feel like you have to give up on your passion in the long-term.




2) Meditate for 10 minutes in the morning. 


This is not a gimmick.


You should start every day with a positive mindset and control what you can, while you can.


This means completely clearing your mind with a simple 10-minute exercise. and if you have never done meditation before, it’s not as easy as it looks. But the effects are immense.


Don’t believe me? Check out these science-backed facts about meditation that can completely change your daily outlook from Little Coffee Fox:


  • Sets tone for the entire day
  • Increased energy
  • Builds focus
  • Increases overall sense of well-being


That’s it, 10 minutes in the morning.


Looking for a free app? Try “Calm” in your app store.





3) Finally get around to tackling that to-do list


You know this: One of the reasons Event Professionals have the 5th most stressful job in the World is because our to-do list continues to build while the events (and Leadership’s expectations) never stop.


Instead of worrying about the events you can’t control in the near term, tackle your to-do list.


One thing I find helpful is to physically write down my list on a long sheet of paper, even if I’ve already completed some items prior to creating the list. Then, scratch through each item as you complete them.


The satisfaction and sense of productivity you feel can do amazing things for you right now.




4) Reach out to partners and suppliers to collaborate


Strength in numbers…Misery loves company…Pick your favorite quote here. The point is: We’re all in this together, all over the World.


No one will think it’s weird that you are reaching out to just talk or check-in. Talking and venting with peers is a great way to reduce stress.


It’s also a great way to stay top of mind with your colleagues for when this whole thing subsides in the coming months.




5) Begin early planning for Fall/Spring events and beyond


Most companies have not canceled or postponed any Late Summer or Fall 2020 events yet.


If health and economic measures that Countries are taking have their intended effect, we’ll be back in business within a few months.


It’s natural to have a mindset that says, “there’s no point in planning any events, it’ll never end”, but recognize this is anxiety talking and nothing more.


Staying busy and on top of future events is a fantastic way to keep your mind healthy and have your best events ever in late-2020/2021.




6) Sleep


I cannot stress this enough; no pun intended.


Sleep is how your body recovers from stress. Physical stress, mental stress, and emotional stress.


Here is how the current situation might be compounding your stress level:


>Events you’ve worked hard on for months cancel. Extremely stressful.


>Worrying all day continues to add stress as your brain is amped up with “what-if’s”, your emotional state takes a hit. Additional stress on your nervous system


>This added stress and worry might make it difficult to sleep. Your body is now finding it difficult to shed the stress its accumulated and continues to compound.


At some point, stress has physical and mental manifestations. Your body responds to excess stress the same way anything does if you apply too much stress-Things get damaged.


Do whatever you can to ensure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep. While keeping in mind that during stressful periods, you need MORE SLEEP THAN USUAL.




The Wrap


Your body has a finite capacity for stress: physical, mental or emotional. It all taxes your central nervous system.


As Event Professionals, we must find ways to help our body shed the stress we might accumulate over the next few months to stay mentally and physically healthy.


If you have additional tips you’d like to share please let us know by writing to info@jshay.events.


And if you just want to talk to someone, please give us a call @ (214) 251-4419.



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