You might be working on the budget for your next event and see that you could save some dough by cutting out the team building activity.

I mean, Team Building, who likes that anyway?

Here’s why you should reconsider incorporating a team-building exercise.


Why Are Team Building Events Important?

The purpose of a team-building event is to improve communication, increase collaboration and increase motivation between teams and departments that work together on projects.

This is huge. And it can turn mediocre production levels to positive growth outcomes.

Businesses pay consultants big money to increase efficiencies, even by <1% some times!

What’s comical is that some times these trivial gains come from days and months of understanding your business, its processes, workarounds, interviewing managers and employees, and more.

While a Business can gain valuable insight into their Business and potential efficiencies, most Businesses forget that at the end of the day their employees are PEOPLE…And people they must rely on each other to be successful.

When colleagues don’t work well together, well, it doesn’t matter how much whiteboarding your Consultants did.

For this reason, team-building exercises are ideal for your next sales conferences.


What outcomes can you expect?

Wouldn’t it be nice to put a nice fat percentage or dollar figure behind an event?

While you will see tangibly better results from your team after they work together in a non-work capacity, it is a result that cannot be qualified beforehand.

Consider this: Do you know how much time is currently wasted at your company, because of:

  • Resentment towards a colleague
  • Lack of motivation
  • No confidence
  • Low social skills

Chances are you don’t have this figure quantified, but if you did you would know the outcome of a successful team building event.

While everything within the umbrella of Marketing is hard to attach an ROI figure to, and whether a marketing technique is actually working or not, a team-building event is always going to measure a positive ROI if done effectively. The question becomes how much.

And, how often should you be hosting team building events to maximize ROI?


When to host a team-building event?

As you have likely guessed, although a successful team building event will lead to a positive ROI there is a limit to when and where you should consider it.

Can you imagine doing a team building event every day, even if just for 20 minutes in the morning?

Not even considering the financial aspects, it would likely have a negative result. Things would get competitive, and it would turn into elementary school dodgeball all over again.

Not that competitiveness is a bad thing, it’s encouraged. But when exposed to too much it will detract from the purpose of a team-building event: leadership, collaboration, friendliness, and more.

Ideally, your teams already get together and collaborate already…OUTSIDE of work.

Now, this is just collaboration.

For a team-building specific event, the ideal time could be whenever you have your team or extended team present. After all, the main goal of team building is to increase ROI through all of the indirect reasons we’ve discussed.

If you are considering flying together with the entire team for an Appalachian Trail hike that could get VERY pricey. And while results would likely be very positive, the ROI might not be as high.

So consider smaller team-building events to get the most bang for the buck… At least to start.


Team Building Event Ideas

Hubspot lists several Corporate Team Building Event ideas out nicely:

  1. Scavenger Hunt
  2. What’s My Name?
  3. Cook-Off
  4. Sneak a Peek
  5. Board Game Tournament
  6. Office Trivia
  7. Improv Workshop
  8. Two Truths and a Lie
  9. Karaoke Night
  10. The “Suddenly” Story
  11. Go-Kart Racing
  12. Concentration (Marketing Edition)
  13. Professional Development Workshop
  14. Jigsaw Puzzle Race
  15. Room Escape Games
  16. The Egg Drop Challenge
  17. Laser Tag
  18. Catch Phrase
  19. Volunteer
  20. Mystery Dinner
  21. Kayaking/Canoeing
  22. Trampoline Park
  23. Something Touristy
  24. Painting Class
  25. Cooking Class
  26. Explore a New Place
  27. Sports Game

All of these are terrific ideas, and I’m sure you’ve likely done a few before.

Depending on your audience some might be more possible than others, and you should always err on the side of pleasing everyone versus going for something extreme.

(Again, the goal is TEAM-building. So the wider the audience you can please the better)

But let’s focus on number 19 for a moment.

Have you ever considered combining team building and community outreach?

Consider this: At the tail end of your event you get your employees together to do something nice for the community that they just stayed in for an internal Conference, Convention, or Trade Show.

Not only do you get all of the positive effects that team building brings, but:

  • You build a positive relationship with the venue and the City
  • Employees see your Business as a family who gives back
  • Employees become more loyal
  • It likely won’t cost anything 
  • It makes for great PR
  • Tax benefits? (Discuss with your Controller)

When I say it won’t cost anything, keep in mind all of your employees are already gathered in town for your event. Possibly a large Trade Show, a Sales Kick-Off, or a team retreat. And, because your team is volunteering most organizations will cater to you (not charging you a thing).


Potential ideas for team building + community outreach:

  • Homebuilding
  • Put together backpacks for children in need of school supplies
  • Assembling Bicycles
  • Shopping for groceries for the poor (and then delivering)

These are just a few ideas that are almost guaranteed to be possible at your destination.

To wrap, unless you have time or demographic constraints for a proper team-building exercise, consider it mandatory as a part of your next Event planning phase.

There is a low risk of failure, but if done correctly the results could be phenomenally positive.

If you’d like J.Shay Event Solutions to help with the planning or execution of your next Team Building Event, please contact us here!


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