Ready to elevate your company’s performance with incentive travel planning? This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to create memorable experiences and effectively persuade your leadership to invest in incentive travel.

Why Incentive Travel is Important for Your Business

Incentive travel has surged in popularity, with over 85% of US firms now leveraging it as a motivational tool, up from 25% in 1996. According to the Incentive Research Foundation, companies spend a median of $4,000 per person on Presidents Club trips, with 40% of firms spending upwards of $8,000. Globally, 65% of firms are expanding their incentive travel programs.

Why Travel Over Cash?

Incentive travel produces a higher ROI than cash rewards. People tend to spend cash on mundane expenses, whereas travel experiences are cherished and shared, leading to greater motivation and loyalty.

Top Companies Leverage Incentive Travel to Boost Sales

The top 20% of companies are twice as likely to use non-cash incentives. Experiential rewards generate lasting memories and are more likely to be discussed and appreciated, driving higher engagement and performance.

Key Considerations for Planning Incentive Travel

Plan Early

Start planning at least a year in advance. Announce the destination at your annual sales kickoff to build excitement.

Show Gratitude

Choose high-quality destinations, hotels, activities, and gifts to show appreciation. A memorable trip reinforces loyalty and motivates all staff.

Sign the Hotel Contract First

Ensure the hotel contract is signed before announcing the destination to avoid complications.

Include Bells and Whistles

Provide comprehensive packages, including fine dining, activities, and gifts. Make sure your guests are taken care of from start to finish.

Balance Work and Leisure

Limit work functions to give employees ample leisure time while including essential group activities and ceremonies.

On-Site Staff is Essential

Have knowledgeable staff on-site to handle any questions or issues, ensuring smooth execution of the event.


The key to a successful incentive trip is to plan, negotiate, and sign contracts early. This ensures a clear outline and prevents embarrassing hiccups. Ready to plan your next corporate incentive trip? Contact us today to start creating unforgettable experiences that drive performance and loyalty.

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