Need help raising money for your organization? Maybe your business requires an extension put on your office building or you need money for some much-needed repairs. Maybe you want to raise money for a charity that your organization supports. Whatever the reason, a corporate fundraising event is an excellent way to generate the funds you need.

But while very effective, fundraising events can be tricky to plan and launch.


Things that Will Make Your Next Fundraising Event a Success


Understand Your Goals

Like any other corporate event, you’ve got to have a firm grasp on your event’s goals. While raising money is the biggest goal you most likely have, there are often other micro-goals. For example, you may want to help your company gain publicity or you may want to reach a new group of prospective clients.

Also, how much you plan (need) to raise should be taken into consideration, as some events tend to raise more than others.

We have found that sponsorships are a fantastic way to raise some steep cash. Some other ideas are holding an auction, and encouraging donations from local bands, restaurants and celebrity guests. The more your event offers attendees, the higher ticket price you can charge.

Your Audience Should Match Your Goals

Who attends your fundraising event will depend on what your overall goals are. So for instance, if you really want to help your company gain some publicity, then you may just want to invite the general public. However, if your goal is to raise a large sum of money, then you might want to focus on attracting wealthy individuals or business executives to your event. Then again, you may want to attract a specific group of people such as entrepreneurs or college professors.

Timing is Everything

Timing your fundraising event just right is critical to its success. The time of year, day of the week, and hour of the day can make or break your event because these specifics typically dictate how many people attend and even how much they donate.

As an example, if you hold your event at the height of summer, many people may be away on their family vacation. If you hold it at the beginning of the year, many people may not donate as much because they spent so much over the holidays.

It’s also really important to select a date that is far enough in the future that people have plenty of notice and mark it on their calendar to attend.

Select the Right Venue

It’s important you select the right venue for your fundraising event and to do so, you must take some things into consideration:

  • Your budget – The smaller your budget the more you will need to start researching venues early so you can get the best price on it. Other budget-friendly options are having the event outside.
  • How many people do you plan to invite – You’ll need a big enough space to accommodate everyone with room to mingle.
  • Parking – Choose a location that has adequate parking for all of your guests. Also, think about other transportation links that are nearby. This is very important should your event plan on raising money through the sale of alcohol.

Get the Money Ball Rolling

We encourage you to have a host committee. This group of people can help get the ball rolling in hitting your fundraising goals. Your host committee members are responsible for contributing cash donations and encouraging others to do the same. This group can include wealthy donors, local business leaders and local celebrities.

Market Your Event

And finally, you’ll need to come up with a solid marketing plan to help get the word out about your fundraising event. Some cost-effective ways of getting the word out are to post about it on your social media channels. If you are accepting donations from local celebrities, restaurants or a local band, be sure they are also promoting the event. You can also send out mailed invitations, personal emails and mention the event in your company’s newsletter. Press releases are another great way to get the word out to your local media channels, who can then push your information out to THEIR audience.


The Wrap

Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your business or a charity that you support. As long as you understand your goals and audience, get the timing right, select an appropriate venue and market your event well, you should have no problem getting people to attend and raising the revenue you require.

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